Wines from Samnium

A selection of the best red and white wines from the land of Ancient Sannio

Unique lands and varied morphological characteristics make wines from Samnium particularly intense and palatable.

Altitudes vary from 100 to 800 metres above sea level, and give the wines the scents and fragrances of Samnite countryside, from the local Tintilia or the Selva Rossa del Sannio to the Fiano or the Coda di Volpe del Sannio. In addition, we have more renowned wines like the Aglianico, or more original like the Barbera del Sannio, a PGI of very ancient origins having no relations with the homonymous piedmontese wine.

These lands have centuries of history; here, dynamic farmers dared to bring back to life vine varieties and traditions that would otherwise have disappeared.