We are based in the very heart of Samnium

… a land full of history, culture and traditions.

We are based in the very heart of Samnium, a land full of history, culture and traditions. Inhabited by the Samnites (a warmongering population but extremely respectful of their land) during the V century B.C., Samnium included an area in south-central Italy corresponding to the current regions of north-eastern Campania, northern Puglia, most of Molise, southern Abruzzo and northern Lucania.

Samnium is a rich mix of history, culture and traditions from different areas and thanks to its peculiar geographical position it represents a unique heritage of knowledge. Sannio Sapori, based in San Massimo (a few km from Bojano, ancient Samnite capital), aims at promoting this territory by offering its special enogastronomic delicacies. Therefore, our focus is on the artisanal expertise of our most ancient traditions: from cheese making to cured meat, from truffle to the production of wines and extra-virgin olive oil.

prodotti tipici del sannio

Casertana pig Ham

Our best product.

Casertana pig Prosciutto crudo

This ham is prepared with just one seasoning
of salt and natural flavourings. With a maturation
of at least 18 months, it is an unrivalled experience
of taste and scent; the lean meat is a deep red colour
and has a penetrating scent of wild herbs, while the
fat gives texture and a deep, rich taste.


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